After getting into town, I was having trouble sitting for long periods and sleeping, from back pain. After my office visit I have been almost completely pain free. She was very knowledgeable and knew where my pain was from certain points. I will definitely see her again if I'm in the area. Thank you!

Kym L.

Dr. Rebecca Freeman A.P. is AWESOME! She assisted me several years ago to facilitate my body ,mind, spirit, heart to get back on track. Am requiring her expertise once again now. SO GRATEFUL for her.

Carol D.

The office setting is very relaxing and Rebecca is wonderful. She listens and I always feel much better when I leave my appointments. I highly recommend her!

Ang D.

Rebecca is amazing. I received acupuncture at week 39 of my pregnancy. The best part was that I left so energized. It lasted for days. I didn't go straight into labor, which is ok, because the energy was so needed! The entire process is very comfortable as well!

Heather B.

She is absolutely amazing! She took great care and time and knows her stuff! Will be going back to her in the future!!!

Tila V.

Loved my first acupuncture session! Rebecca is awesome! Can not wait to go back.

Diane W.

Three words: Miracles do happen!

I have been diagnosed PTSD and twice verified sustained calcified damage to the left side of my jawline. I have Mal de Debarquement from a cruise ship (permanent vertigo symptoms on and off) and lower back pain.

All these symptoms and ailments melted away today after one thorough consultation and treatment with Rebecca Freeman! She freed my built up stressors in many parts of my body and basically re-wired my entire body. Within the time period, I experienced euphoria with tiny heartbeats through my circulating body and even my brain responded with plumes of colors ranging from deep blue to magnetic purples. Sounds far out, right?! Nope, she said some people experience it when the kidneys release stress. The damage to my left jawline relaxed but the bone itself is calcified from multiple blows.

I had one Acupuncturist before but nothing like this experience. Thankfully, my brain is healing from the psychological damage PTSD does but now, my body is finally exhaling out the pent up trauma. Make a consultation today because you know I'm coming back for sure!

Michelle C.

I had a motorcycle accident in 1972 and been in pain for over 45 years. I have tried everything from surgery to physical therapy to pain meds and massage and even streaching with little and not lasting relief. I had a muscle in my right thigh that would not release for 45 years I have suffered. I shit you not with one session the muscles relaxed and it has been almost a week and the pain has not returned. I know this sounds to good to be true but it happen to me on my watch. If you are interested in more info reply to this review and we can talk over the phone. I highly recommend!

Thomas C.